Urbackup Not Working - UrBackup is upgrading its internal database.Current version: 0 Target version: 0


15 days back I have installed UrBackup 2.2.11 on Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 Bit).
Configured backup of 12-13 client machines.
It was working OK without any issue.
But 2 days back the drive having URBACKUP folder got full.
After analysis I come to know that it was due to the AV software.
Now I have freed-up the space.
Meantime I run the scripts
Now getting message UrBackup is upgrading its internal database.Current version: 0 Target version: 0
Kindly help.

did you find a fix for this i’m having the same issue

I’m guessing no one knows what this is about.
I’m getting it now - upgraded from server to 2.3.8, and now every time it starts it displays UrBackup is upgrading its internal database from version 0 to version 0
This is a windows 7 machine with 2G memory

if uromi can’t tell us what the code is doing to generate that message, I might just have to nuke it and reinstall

I believe it is rebuilding the files in the fileindex folder.

If you look at the server debug log, you’ll see the cause.

It’s been running for a full day like that. I’ll give it another day before I think about uninstalling it. I’ll post again later

It may be best to recover with a backup of the database at this point. Did you create one or have the auto backup option selected?

thank you for reminding me about this. I copied the backup database from the last successful backup, and when I restarted the server, it started backing up.

this should probably be tagged as a solution to the problem,

thanks and regards

I know this is an old thread, but it happened to me this week and I found a faster resolution. I upgraded to version 2.4.13 and it ran a few backups, no issue. A day later I logged in and saw the message about database being upgraded. It ran for two days with no change or update/status. I found a database repair utility that got me back up and running. It is located at “C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\repair_database.bat” This batch file took less than a minute to run and resolved my issue. I hope this helps someone else.