UrBackup / NGINX Reverse Proxy / Docker / Internet Mode

Has anyone been able to get Internet Mode to work with UrBackup through NGINX Reverse proxy Manager?

I can get the server to dicover the client locally, but not through the proxy address.

Changing anything in the nginx conf for proxy_pass results in nginx completely going down

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I feel your pain. I’m using UnRAID with SWAG and getting nowhere.

I can access the GUI remotely. But backups not happening.

So, I somewhat got it half way working. I can now connect to the server atleast, but no backups are happening.
What I did to test this is I opened all the necessary ports on my router and did direct access to the server using a new add client config. Nothing was happening, so I did some messing around turns out I needed to restart urbackup server after making changes to the IP and server port. I just used the regular config (no NGINX proxy yet), and voila, it connected and initiated backup. So I killed everything and changed my settings around now that I knew I had to restart the server after any changes to internet settings. So I remove the open ports on the router, kept NGINX in place and the config I currently have is:


Client Side:

  • Downloaded preconfigured config
  • Applied internet only mode in the extra args txt file (be careful if you have previously install a windows client agent as once you install another agent (even after removing the previous one), the auth key stays as the old agent install and does not replace it with the new one). (Im assuming this is something that has been overlooked in the design of the windows client and windows is dumb and doesnt know how to clean up old files of old installs properly). So remove with Revo Uninstaller Portable as it can find old install files.

Says “Connected to Server”, but no backups start.

Maybe @uroni or someone else has some insight as to why this may be. It definitely has to do with the proxy since going direct connects just fine.

@Kold Edit** Looks like based on one of @uroni previous posts on a similar topic, urbackup needs a forward proxy that supports CONNECT requests (proxy_connect) to establish an open connection to the server. NGINX doesnt natively supports this but im looking into a few secure solutions to achieve this and will report back if ive found a noteable solution.

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Hi. Have you been able to make progress on this?

UrBackup 2.5.x supports connecting via websocket ( Testing - UrBackup - Discourse ). It should be easier to setup compared to setting up a HTTP CONNECT proxy.