Urbackup MSI with tray icon?

Is there an MSI for windows client installation with tray icon, i tried to make the normal exe to an msi for silent installing with tray icon since the installer creator doesnt work.

The Idea was to have it automatically installed with tray icon for test purposes via group policy, with the original msi it works flawlessly the clients find the server everything good, except there is no tray icon thats not what my boss wanted.
The assembled msi out of the exe works i have the tray icon but the server cant find the clients.

The test System is running on Hyper-V with internal switches with no outside connection, 2 DC with DHCP and DNS, one Fileserver, one BackupServer all on Windows Server 2019 and one Windows 11 Client all VMs are Domain members except the Backupserver all have manually assigned IP adresses pings work. i know its a strange configuration but its just for testing and training purposes.