Urbackup Minimum/Recommended Requirements

I was wondering if there or any kind of system requirements for Urbackup? We have run Urbackup on several older Servers with Ubuntu without a GUI, and it worked great. Are there any official recommendations for hardware, or at lease some good suggestions? Like at what point would I need to upgrade the CPU on our backup Server? Or at what point would a certain CPU be able to handle X amount of PCs? Also, how much RAM you would recommend for X amount of client PCs. Thanks for any feedback.

The question you are asking has far too many variables to be able to account for. Just as an example, 20 PCs that have almost no files change will be a lot less server load than 1 machine that has huge changes to backup every day.

Yeah I see what you’re saying. We have put in two Servers with Urbackup running Ubuntu without a GUI, and they’ve both been two pretty much obsolete servers with new hard drives. Both places have had about 20 PCs, and they work ok. We wanted to put in several new Servers in, but were unsure on the specs. I think We’ll just get the servers with a basic Xeon CPU and 8 GB of RAM and that should be fine for most places. I’ll just limit the simultaneous backups if I see a performance issue. Thanks.

For 20 PC’s backing up across the local network, you can seriously use some pretty low specs unless there are massive changes taking place in the file structures on a daily basis. In most cases, the file system is the limiting factor. Also, the biggest performance increase I have seen was putting the OS and database on SSDs and then having a separate RAID for the backup storage.

For comparison’s sake, I have a PowerEdge C2100 that I keep the latest beta version of UrBackup on to try and find bugs for @uroni. I have ~15 servers and PCs backing up to it and CPU usage literally never shows above 1-2%. I also have a PowerEdge 2950 that is handling about the same load and the performance limit on that one is that the database and backups are on the same RAID volume.

I gotcha. We’ve been putting the OS on a RAID1 with two HDDs and the DATA on a RAID10 with four HDDs, and that definitely went better than our initial test of having the OS + Backups on the same volume. I think we’ll just keep reusing older hardware or use more “entry” level servers then, and I’ll just monitor the CPU and RAM usage. Thanks for the advice.