Urbackup mail custom

I want to change the e-mail tips into Chinese, after each backup is completed, how should I do?


You can edit it with 2.2.6 beta server (edit report script). The log messages are hard coded and would need a recompile though (or you can translate them in the script).

I’m very glad to receive your reply. The current version is, installed by Yum on centos7. In this version, I didn’t find report script, /usr/share/urbackup and /var/urbackup. How should I do it in this version?



@uroni I can not find some report scripts in Urbackup-server 2.2.7,can you help me? I want to translate them in the script, Thank you very much!


This problem has been solved. Thank you very much.This version is very good, and you can edit the script directly.