UrBackup looks great, but


I currently use BackupPC for my backups. It works great, but it is looking a bit outdated now. There are some features I wish it had, like filesystem snapshots for those filesystems that support them, but all in all it works as advertised once you figure out all of its little quirks.

Enter UrBackup. It looks great. Backups are fast. Filesystem snapshots are useful for backups, and you don’t have to mess with SSH and rync to get things working properly thanks to local client installs.

But… No server side restore? Surely this must be an oversight. “Security concerns” aside, it’s 2022. Any good backup solution also needs to be a good restore solution as well. I cannot rely on a client to request a file restore from the server. I need to be able to push restores back to where they came from or redirect restores to another client easily from the server gui interface. If I cannot get the data out of the product as easily as I got it into the product, what’s the point?

This single thing prevents me from moving off of BackupPC and onto UrBackup, where restores work equally as good as backups. Until UrBackup addresses the “security concern” for restores, I cannot take a backup solution without server side restore functionality seriously, no matter how much I like the functionality of the product.


What is not working for you? Have you read the admininstration manual?

See the following section:

As long as the client is online you can simply restore data from the server web interface.