Urbackup latest vesion on FreeBSD 2.2.11 while officials release shows 2.3.7


Hello ,

I am trying to install fresh Urbackup under jail on Freenas 11.2 u2.1 , after success installation i got version 2.2.11
while doing pkg update , i get all up to date and same when doing pkg install urbackup-server , ay reason why the version installed is behind current?
Please advice


FreeBSD defaults to the quarterly pkg repo, where package versions are frozen four times a year. It provides more stability, but means versions can lag behind. I don’t run FreeNAS, but in vanilla FreeBSD you can edit /etc/pkg/FreeBSD.conf and change /quarterly to /latest in the URL to change repos. I guess you can do the same in FreeNAS. Latest has version 2.3.7 of urbackup.