UrBackup is currently doing maintenance and is temporarily unavailable

Good morning,

Since one day, I have this message “UrBackup is currently doing maintenance and is temporarily unavailable.” when I connect to the web interface, and therefore no more backup. I have no way to send the logs through the interface.

here are the urbackup.logs

What is the procedure to restore from the last backup that should be stored on the S3

thank you in advance.

Another logs ‘app.log’

The S3 storage is not the problem.

I really need help to understand what is going on.

Here is instructions to recover a local appliance from s3: https://www.infscape.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Recover-from-S3-1.pdf

Do backup your s3 encryption key before resetting the system.

Thanks but Where can I find the key because I no longer have access to the interface.

Sorry, you can check at app.urbackup.com or

sudo echo "SELECT value FROM settings WHERE key='clouddrive_settings'" | sqlite3 /var/urbackup/app.db