UrBackup internet backup with a huge amount of files


there is a location A, where an UrBackup Server works.
Location A is connected to location B with a IPSec VPN with a 2MBit connection.
At location B is one PC with a directory, which has to be backuped.
There are about 200000 files with 70GB in this directory.
I will only need inkremental backups from this directory and no image backups.
It will take some month to finish the first Backup.

Is there a way to speedup this prozess? Is ist possible to transport these files on an USB Stick, from B to A and copy them temporarely on a PC at location A, whick is backuped by Urbackup. UrBackup should now learn these files, though that its only nessesary to compare the files from the PC at location B.

Any hints?


See previous discussion in e.g. this thread: Pre-populate backup?