URBackup installed on Windows becomes SLOW

Hello to everyone.
My URBackup Server is installed on Windows 2019. And today i realized that backups are being made very VERY SLOW:

Everything used to work fine before.

The Windows 2019 fileserver is being reserved on the screenshot. They are both in one subnet with URBackup and I thought the speed should be about 1 gigabit but no.

In URBackup Server i have only 1 8tb HDD for backups.

  1. I did chkdsk
  2. I did cleanup.bat, cleanup_database.bat, repair_database.bat and remove_unknown.bat from urbackup installation dir but to no avail.

Is there any way to troubleshoot why this happened? Any troubleshooting tips? Thank you.

Is this the first backup? to have 1.59Tb of changes seems super high…

First, after all .bat URBackup scripts. I just don’t understand why it is so slow and how to diagnose it.

Ive noticed the first backup mine slows to kbits/s for what appears no reason (all other backups from other machines are in the 100’s Mbit/s range).

I put this down to some checked on the database for first files… do you have other clients backing up faster after the first full backup?

Well yes, second and subsequent backups are made faster because less data is transmitted over the network. But not even close to 100 mbit.
iPerf shows 300 mbit network speed between servers so this is not network problem i beleive.
I just want to figure out is there any diagnostic methods for URBackup installed to Windows Server?

If your files are very small in size, especially below 1 megabyte, the transfer speed will be extraordinarily slow.
Therefore, if possible, add very small files to a separate backup task, or perhaps you can increase the transfer speed by compressing folders according to certain criteria.

We het 1000mbit/s, its installed on a QNAP QTS system (not a Windows server), it might be the Windows connection to the data store thats creating a bottleneck?

Below are the real speeds we get on multiple backups running

Technically, you can access 1000Mbit, but backup processes depend on the read and write operations of the disks. Therefore, while you can reach 900-1000Mbit when transferring a large file (e.g. iso, vhd etc…), when transferring small files the speed may decrease to 10-20Mbit.

Think about it this way: Is it easier to carry eggs individually or in boxes?
Transferring small files is like moving eggs one by one, so it will be slow.

Before I forget, you can see the files transferred at that moment with the show log button.
This may help you better understand the actual situation.

Just want to rule out, that 8TB drive is NOT external USB, correct? It is internal?

Yes, it is internal.

For now 40Gb is backuping for 7-8 hours. :frowning:

I really stuck with it.

Actually i have several URBackup on Windows Server installations and it is so slow inly in one place. I dont know how to find out the reason.

what is it that you are backing up from that specific device? is it a database?
I would check and see if the files that are being backed up are a ton of tiny ones.
I always disable system restore on my machines, due to it making local images. this could be a possible cause.
Also, is your server running on HDD’s and heavily fragmented? an unlikely cause, but good to verify.
lastly, its also pretty unlikely, but check and ensure your AV isn’t overreacting and causing a slowdown from scanning files.
I recommend checking task manager, and using “appreadwritecounter” by nirsoft to verify disk usage. Also, verify your disk’s health with Crystaldiskinfo, or much better yet HDSentinel to confirm healthy disks before further diagnosis.