Urbackup in remote server with clients in private LAN trought VPN

Hello beautiful people of urbackup.
My issue is the following:
I installed a urbackup server on an Ubuntu VPS with Public IP 154.53.xxx.xx
My objective is to make backups for clients on a LAN, behind a modem, which assigns the IP of the network segment: 192.168.0.xxx

In my attempt, I installed an OpenVpn on the same server (assigns IP range: 10.8.0.x), and it connects well with the windows clients in my LAN, but with any config options always shows : Never
Starting backup failed"

Has anyone tried and resolved a situation like this?
I greatly appreciate any opinion or help.
Thank you so much.

Your post is a bit strangely worded, but it seems you want to run backups over the internet via your private vpn server?
I have not (never tried), but I have seen multiple posts about similar things in this forum. Do a search.
Pretty sure it has to do with using internet mode and stuff.
It also might have to do with how you configure your vpn server.
But start with searching the forum. I think what you should do is set it up as it was running straight over internet.

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This seems more like a configuration issue than a feature request.

I am 90% sure to do this your need to be able to route traffic from you LAN to network, openVPN is normally only 1 way (remote device to the LAN, not LAN to the remote device). Ive bumped in to this ALOT with VoIP which has the same issue with voice (1 way voice) when using openVPN, we always had to fall back to firewall to firewall VPN which was able to complete real 2 way traffic…