Urbackup in FreeNas

I’ve been trying to install and configure Urbackup onto a FreeNAS FreeBSD server.

I’ve followed the instructions here as well as trying to follow the instructions here.

However, the first link gives me compile errors when I run:

$ make
$ make install

It returns C++ errors about the array being ambiguous. Switching urbackup version in the wget command to use the 2.1.19 package and that gets further, but errors about a byte.

The second one, we manage to get through the whole list of commands but not able to access the FreeNAS server via http://ipaddress:55414 - just returns


Pinging the server works, ssh all works. It’s just the Urbackup server doesn’t actually seem to actually install correctly.

How do I install urbackup server on FreeNAS (FreeBSM 11.1)?

Many Thanks