UrBackup in Docker on Windows

I’m trying to test UrBackup setup in a Docker container on a Windows machine. This is only for testing as a POC so i can ultimately set it up on a NAS device. In the example yaml file at uroni/urbackup-server, it has values for PUID and PGID. How do I find these necessary values on a Windows machine?

Also, for the Volumes, I’m confused about the values in the yaml file. Do the “/path/to/your/database/folder:/var/urbackup” and “/path/to/your/backup/folder:/backups” paths exist within the container only? And why does the example for the bind-mount volume say “www-folder”? I thought bind-mount volumes were for storing data outside the container. What does www-folder have to do with it? Or maybe a better question, what’s the definition of “www-folder”? TIA