Urbackup in docker and CI/cd

Hey guys,
Is there any way to apply/ change server setting using command line?
I use urbackup in many locations and my main question is how to avoid manual server configuring over web- ins terrace and do it by script.
The idea is to fully automate urbackup server installation. Now I have to configure backup schedulers manually and etc. I want to do it over cli. I use last actual version of urbackup on Ubuntu 18.04/20.04
I will a happy to start use docker image but I have no idea how to configure it over the script.

Currently either modify backup_server_settings.db directly (after running it once so it upgrades its db; the “cheat” version would be to configure it once and then copy this db around…), or use https://github.com/uroni/urbackup-server-python-web-api-wrapper .

I would not be opposed to having e.g. a default_settings.cfg file that it picks up on first startup, though…

Thanks for the advice but my question was related to have something like devops environment. We already have 20+ instances which currently works. And we going to at least double this number. So my idea is to find the way how to to changes with instances which already in use.
Like tomorrow we decided to change one of the settings on all our urbackup servers/containers.
Also urbackup has official container so the way to configure it on code should exist.
Is there any way to do that?