Urbackup Image backup storage location

so im searching quite a while for a suitable Image backup , im already using Urbackup succesfully for file backups across multiple maschines , and now i would like to try it for image backups as i have not found a suitable solution elsewhere but what problems i have found is that i cannot specify the storage location for the image backups , i would like to have the image backups on each Windows maschine not on the server where urbackup i have running currently . Every Windows maschine has already urbackup client installed , every windows maschine has a partition / disk configuration of A: , B: , C: ,D: and i would like that the image backup is stored on the C: partition of each maschine , i figured i would need to install urbackup server on each maschine and probably another client instance ?

My questions are:
Is this even possible?
Is there a better way to achieve this with Urbackup ?
Will this be a problem when i already have urbackup client running on the windows Maschines and i try to install a server and another client on each maschine ?

Im trying to move away from windows 7 backup image software as its increasingly not working correctly with win10 and higher .

Any help appreaciated

Hi Marek,

it is possible, but afaik in a special constellation. You need to setup your server with linux and zfs as storage backend. You can define your target zfs-datasets in /etc/urbackup/dataset (images) and /etc/urbackup/dataset_file (files).

Read the docs for zfs: UrBackup - Server administration manual



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and why is this only possible with linux server with zfs filesystem ? is it because of "Now we want to save the backups on a server on another location. First we create the ZFS backup pool on this other location.
Then we transfer the full file system (otherserver is the host name of the other server): … You can also save these full and incremental zfs streams into files on the other server and not directly into a ZFS file system. "(UrBackup - Server administration manual)

Is this because of this feature of zfs ? im using btrfs currently .This feature of zfs would work even if the windows partitions where i want to have the backups is ntfs ?

The idea of backup is to move the data off the machine you are backing up, leaving it ON the PC kinda goes against the whole point of UrBackup which is the pull the data in to a separate store (the server). I wouldnt think this will be a feature that appears.