UrBackup Files backup issue when PST add to "Included files" format - New Backup Group

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I’m just testing Urbackup application from last few weeks on group of over 100 Clients.
And from last 2x weeks I start creating backup groups to separate users.
I did set up new group with including .PST file formats (.pst) and without :
C:\Windows;C:\Program Files;C:\Program Files (x86);C:\ProgramData;

See below:

And I got one issue. Backup on Clients assign to that group is only backing up PST files without any different files format (Office etc.)

What i did wrong ?

Main Backup for standard user without PCS fully working. Backing up all needed files without: “Excluded files (with wildcards)” as on picture.

Just need to know if I need to update those changes to Clients or I did mistake somewhere.

I set up 4x different groups and only my main one is fully working (without PST files)

Thanks for help.

If you issue is that it is only backing up .pst, thats because that’s how it s configured.
The included/excluded file , work as a filter. using included file *.pst, will backup only .pst files.

Hi Orogor,

Thanks for help.

In that case looks like I will need to include all types of files format what I need backed up ? if yes that will do no issues.

Or, can I add PST as different format to not miss anything from Clients, and add PST to backups?
Is there any different rule to add PST files to not add manually all files format needed ?

Any help on that ?



Yep i know all sorted now my mistake lad :slight_smile:
Sorry for that topics just had to test option without PST as included - include by default (all included already he he ) just need to test before asking.



Just to clarify, read thru your local UrBackup Help file (click the ? to the right of the field).
Default directories to backup: These are the drive(s)/folders backed up by default.
Included files (with wildcards): If it exists it overrides the “Default directories to backup” field
Excluded files (with wildcards): Excludes files/folders from being backed up from the backup set.