UrBackup File Access Android App

Get if from here:

UrBackup File Access Android app on Google Play

What might be still missing (depending on how many users need those features):

  • Downloading whole folders (currently only single files can be downloaded)
  • Downloading to a different destination folder. Currently it always downloads to a “urbackup” folder on the “sdcard”

Tested out the app and it allows me to browse the archives very quickly. Most files seem to be detected as a PDF on my phone and are unable to be viewed. Phone is a Nexus 5X running Android 7.0.

I think it would be helpful if each file had an individual menu attached where one could either Download, Open, or View a file.

  • Download: Downloads the file to default folder or allows to choose a path.
  • Open: Opens with either default application or allows to pick from a choice of compatible applications.
  • View: Attempts to open the file with a built-in text or code viewer. Option to save file, or open with installed application from within internal viewer.

The above file option menu in combination with the ability to download whole folders to a specific path (downloads), would make this a very nice app.