UrBackup features

I’m evaluating UrBackup as backup tool for small business LANs (5-50 PC), and I have to say that so far I’m impressed with it.

I would like to better understand its feature set, and to know if those features are already implemented or planned.

  1. can I archive an image backup? Can I label it? (eg: “Windows just installed and configured”)
  2. Are UrBackup image-level backups able to skip hiberfil.sys, pagefile.sys and disk sectors without any useful data or with deleted files?
  3. can the same client backup to 2 distinct servers? an Internet server (used only for file-level backup) and a LAN server (used only for image-level backup or image+file backup).
  4. what happens if 2 clients with the same name are backed up on the LAN?