urBackup doing Disk backups but not File backups

Hello, I am fairly new to urackup and I seem to have encountered a strange problem. Urbackup does disk backups just fine, but it won’t do file backups because “no path has been configured” despite my best efforts to configure a path in the server interface. I will include a log in this post in case it reveals anything.

My computer is Windows 11 and the server is on a Rasperry Pi with dietpi installed.

urbackup.log (879 Bytes)

I’m not used to asking for tech support, so feel free to ask questions if you want to know more and I will try to help.

Hi, I “THINK” I am correct in saying that the PI install included docker?
If that is the case, then I may be able to help as I believe the docker urbackup config file (yaml/yml) MAY not be set correctly. There’s a bit in it where you have to “map” the internal (what urbackup docker container thinks) backup database and backups to 2 seperate locations that actually physically exist - eg have been created by you.
Docker and the urbackup server yaml file don’t do this bit for you.
It’s prettty simple (which is what everyone says once they know how :grinning: )

IF it’s not docker on PI - then… I have a few pi’s lying around and would be happy to run up an install and see how I can help.

I’m pretty sure it didn’t include docker, but mapping it to two different locations. Sounds interesting. I don’t know how to do that?

Hope we can work this out.

*ok - give me 2 days. I will do a rasp pi.
Point me to the URL/page where you took your instructions from.
I WILL get back to you by 2100GMT Monday with results.
But,give me the URL/page so I can clone your method exactly.

I’m not sure what URL you’re speaking of but here’s the guide on the Dietpi website. The data is stored on an external drive.

Cloud and Backup Systems Software Options - DietPi.com Docs

Yep - thats what I wanted :- the intructions you used.
“The data is stored on an external drive” - you mean that ‘where i want the urbackup server to store the data is on an external (USB?) drive’ ??
have this external drive permanently mounted via an entry in /etc/fstab
You insert/plugin/connect the drive to the PI “on demand” (when you want to)?
I asume it is the former, because…the urbackup server runs background tasks that require access to the backup data (and it’s associate database ).
Please let me know the location/path of where the drive is mounted. If you don’t know - that’s ok - just tell me and we can sort it out.

It should be stored on /mnt/stash, unless I’m forgetting something.

ok. leaveit with me. chat again monday

YES - I got that too.
UNTIL _ went to Settings–>General–File backups and changed the contents of the last textbox (aka “default directories to backup”) and plonked something in it.
This menu is the “default”/suggestions for when you haven’t configured anything in EITHER ON the client OR in this browser menu for the client specifically.
The message then goes away.
AND hey presto.
It may be a bug in initial configuration. I will need to experiment further.
I have a few VM’s setup now and so can repeatedly do the installs.

If this hasn’t fixed it — let me know… Plenty of debug flags can be set.


I’m not sure what I should put into the field? Because I want to back up my whole system.


Nevermind, I got it working. I just wish I knew exactly what I did “right” to make it work but what I did try was adding the backup path in “add/remove” backups paths in the client and that seemed to do the trick. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant but thanks for the help anyway!

You just need to put SOMETHING in there once. Like C:\thingy (that exists) SO THAT…urbackup will then go “aha!” there’s something in that field so – no error.

IF your desire is to never use File backups and only use images - then you could tickthe box that says don’t do file backups AFTER you have done what I suggest ONCE…
In other words, you are just making Urbackup be satisfied and it wont error again.

I would suggest Image backups FULL once a month. Image backups incremental Weekly.
And File backups FULL of ALL (yes the word ALL is valid in the directories to backup field - and means all drives you got) - Once a Week. Incremental file backups daily or every 12 hours or whatever floats your goat.

Depends on how often your data changes.

BUT - Images are gonna cost you space if you’re not using btrfs.

How big is your backup drive?
Are you gonna have more than 1 client requiring backup?
How much data truly changes (or new) are you doing daily/per hour/per 12 hours etc?
What is it you would like to achieve?

Well, my external drive is about 2tb. I have almost nothing else on it, just around 500gb of music and videos.

I just want something to keep my data safe in case something goes tirs up. If I need more space I can buy another drive, I guess.