Urbackup disk image raw format - nbd/losetup, resume restore?

Hi I just wanted to confirm that the disk image .raw format is a full copy of the partition.

losetup -rfP Image_C_210228-0953.raw creates a readonly loopback device and partition
I am able to mount the ntfs file system (eg /dev/loop9p1)

I did a full restore from it using ddrescue - booted Windows fine - going to do a chkdsk now.

  • is the urbackup raw image OK to use this way with ddrescue?

  • the urbackup server mount uses libguestfs which seems unnecessary when losetup works fine and can be mounted with ntfs-3g

  • I was testing with ddrescue because I had to restart the machine and had trouble with the restore CD. ddrescue saves a mapfile and can be resumed. I don’t know if urbackup images can be resumed but if not it would be a great feature. I need to do more urbackup testing only with smaller images :grinning:

  • While testing ddrescue over the network I tried nbd-server. The server side does not need root privileges and it would be a nice mount/restore script option for raw disk images. There is a windows nbd client which could be useful for some people.

Is there more info on urbackup_mount_helper?