Urbackup database messed up

Hope anyone can help me out here.
I’m running urbackup on openmediavault 5 in a docker container (uroni/urbackup-server:latest). The backups (primarily uncompressed image backups from Windows 10 systems) are written to a btrfs volume with raid1 on 5 8 TB disks.
Some weeks ago, the container stopped. There were errors, which I interpreted as corrupted urbackup database. I’ve tried several things, like repair-database (produced many errors), copied the urbackup’s backup folder to /var/urbackup, copied the backup_server*.db~ files to *.db (they had a date of the last correct backup).
Now, when I try to start the container, I end up with the following log:

2020-09-14 14:30:56: Starting HTTP-Server on port 55414
2020-09-14 14:30:56: HTTP: Server started up successfully!
2020-09-14 14:31:13: WARNING: SQLite: no such table: directory_link_journal in “SELECT linkname, linktarget FROM directory_link_journal” errorcode: 1
2020-09-14 14:31:13: ERROR: Error preparing Query [SELECT linkname, linktarget FROM directory_link_journal]: no such table: directory_link_journal. Retrying in 1s…

and then it stopps. I understand, the table directory_link_journal is in backup_server_link_journal.db, which is there, they are all owned by urbackup:urbackup. Don’t understand, why it complains.

I have no idea, how to proceed. Can I somehow recreate the database from the existing backups? Any other ideas?

I got one step closer. Not the database was messed up, but my docker configuration. I connect /var/urbackup of the container to /backups/urbackup (so the backup folder of urbackup) instead of /var/urbackup on the host.
At least now the backups started working again and the database could be repaired.