UrBackup: Created a Group Settings, it can apply to client but not executing in the given time

UrBackup is one of the best alternative solutions for Acronis Trueimage. But currently working in group settings, it can apply to the client but not running at the given time. I’m so confused In the difference between File Backup Tab/Interval incremental file backup and Client tab/Backup window for incremental file backup. In Setting/Group/Client Tab - I set a time 1-5/13:00-14:00 for incremental File Backup. And I disable the Settings in File Backup tab for interval incremental file backup. I have 120+ client and I want to have each of them a daily backup within a separate group.

Hoping for all your reply. Thank you

The Client: Backup window tells the server it has permission to start a backup of the selected type on that client (or Group of clients or Default - all others) during those hours if one is needed. The File: Interval settings tell UrBackup how often to schedule backups of those types for the selected client, group, or default. By disabling the Interval you have told UrBackup to never run backups of that type for those clients.

It seems you want to run an incremental backup every weekday, so set the Interval to 24 hours or less, and UrBackup will schedule the backup to start at the beginning of the daily backup window, then not schedule another until the number of hours specified in the Interval have passed and the next Backup window for that client opens. That will give you 5 backups per week, based on the window settings shown earlier.

Please also note that backups run until they finish. The backup window does not cause a running backup to stop, so plan for the length of your backups when setting the window schedule.

Hi Don_Wright,

Thanks for the reply. I will try that. But on some other issue, I was wondering because base on my testing, I have 100Mbps transfer rate Client-To-Server and when I get 5 running backups, they dividing it 100/5. And it took so long to finish especially when the Full backup runs. Are there settings I can change? or there is no possible workaround on this.

Thanks for the help anyway.

Hi Don_Wright,
Done dong all your thoughts. But still the same, no scheduled backup runs when using the Group Settings. By the way, my client version is 2.2.6 and my server is 2.2.11.

Is there anyone using Group Setting with the ability to manage the Client schedule via time range?


Hi default directory to backup is empty.
You didnt set it to backup anything, so it s not backuping.