UrBackup Crash when starting Backup

I start my first Backup with the Appliance and get following error after seconds of starting the Backup :

Web interface error

Sorry, web interface experienced an error. Please refresh the page to retry and contact support if this error persists.

Error details:

error Service Unavailable


Sorry, UrBackup seems to have crashed. Please reboot to retry. UrBackup will reboot automatically one hour after this message is shown.
If possible, submit an issue report after reboot about this problem describing what might have caused the crash and attaching log/crash information (report problem link on the bottom).

I have test it with the Client from the Appliance and also with the Client from the urbackup website. The Appliance crash when the indexing is done and it start backing up.

Sorry you are having this problem.
Could you submit a problem via the link at the bottom attaching log/crash information?

Hi Uroni, i clock on the Bottom link at the footer to report a problem but the webinterface looks bussy now for over a hour at 0%

When you like, direct access is possible.

It crash also when i try to send you the error report.
Are there some files what i can send you by mail ?

Crash dumps are at /var/log/core . /var/log/app.log would be interesting as well

Ok have send you a mail with the logs i have found.

Hi @uroni
i have setup now the Appliance at my home pc for test.

Result :
Test system for UrBackup Appliance : Windows 11 ( DE ) latest version Full Patched

VM Details :
HyperV VM V1
4 GB Memory
UrBackup Appliance connected as ide device
Storage is a 300 GB Virtual Disk
No othe changes or custom Settings at the VM.

Updated the Appliance to the latest Version
CReate a new client at the webinterface and download the preconfigured client setup from webinterface.
Install it at my home pc and add only a Picture folder to backup ( 10 Pictures with complete 14 MB )
Client start indexing and crash when it was done and start backup.
Ur Backup Interface reports a crash and Appliance was not more reachable over the web gui.
Need a restart to access it again.

Created and send report over the web gui from the webinterface.
CASE ID : 282

Try it also with Oracle Virtual Box, same result.

Thanks for reporting this issue and sorry for the trouble. This should now be fixed with an update (11.11).

After updating to version 11.11, I did a test run with the following system and the web interface reported a crash and the raid in the Urbackup interface was gone after rebooting the server. All drives were shown as offline.
After about 5 minutes the raid was back online and the drives were shown as online.
The SSD and SAS drives are mounted directly in the VM and not as VHD.
Could this be the reason?
Also, when I try to view the logs in the backup client, I get a debug alert from the client.

Have generate and send a report to you again : Case ID 283

Sry, the change wasn’t included in the update. It should be fixed with 11.13 now.

You mean the Client Debug report or the thing with the direct attached SAS / SSD Drives ? Or both ?