UrBackup confusing computers

I’ve got a laptop with dual boot Windows 10 and Linux (ElementaryOS). I’ve installed the UrBackup client to both. Both computers got a different computer name. So far it has been working great. Until today.

When I boot my laptop with my Linux OS and I check the server web interface it reports the Windows OS as online. Even worse it starts writing an incremental file backup to the Windows OS client. It appears to be confusing the two OSes all of a sudden.

Has anyone encounted this problem? Am I doing something wrong?

Your Linux and Windows probably get the same IP + you are backing up locally, so UrBackup does not realize the IP has a different client.

A work-around would probably be to add a startup delay of (at least) 5min to either the Windows or Linux UrBackup backend service.

Since you are the second person reporting that they have this problem, I’ll probably add a fix for it.

Just so I understand. Adding a delay in startup would help because UrBackup would then think my Windows computer went offline after switching to my Linux computer?

I’ve been having the same problem recently and was about to add a startup delay to my clients when I discovered this post - now I’m wondering whether you’ve already had the chance to implement the fix and I’m indeed seeing the same problem as the original poster?