Urbackup config for road warriors?how can i backup remotely?

We have a couple of staffs that are not always in the office that I would like to backup their system even when they are not connected to the local network. Is this posible?, if yes how ?

Yes, it is possible.
You need to set up your server and clients for Internet backups.

Forgive me but can you throw more light, do I install the urbackup client on the laptop and from settings tick “enable backup over the internet” ? Thats all ?? Thanks :slight_smile:

Go to Settings, Internet.
Check the Enable Internet Mode
Enter your WAN IP address(must be a static address)
Input the port number for client communications (default is 55415)
Other features you can decide on yourself, but I recommend you encrypt the transfer and compress the transfer.

Make sure your server firewall and your firewall appliance/router have these ports open:

FastCGI for web interface
HTTP web interface
Internet clients
UDP broadcasts for discovery

Restart the server.
Log back into the server urbackup console and be sure you have created a user with a strong password as the server will now be exposed to the internet.
It is recommended that you set up SSL, but I have not had any luck making that work in Windows.

On the laptops, log into the server by opening a web browser and going to YourWanIP:55414
Assuming the laptop is already set up in UrBackup
Log in and go to the status page. Click Download Client for windows/ Mac/Linux as appropriate.
Run the installer on the laptop to update the settings for internet. Or, if it is not yet setup in the Urbackup Server, Cick Add new client and follow the instructions.

That should be it. If you have problems, be sure that you can hit the ports through the WAN from the laptop.

The only port that you need to have open is the one that you set for the internet server port. You could also open up the port for the web interface, but that is not necessary.

Opening the other ports is probably not a good idea for security purposes. They are the ports that UrBackup uses for local discovery on a LAN.

55413 is for the web interface over SSL if you are using it. If not, leave it closed.
55414 is for the http web interface (You don’t have to open this, but you will have to either manually set up your clients or get the updated client to the laptops some other way than downloading. You will need the Internet key specific to each client as part of the setup if you opt for the manual route. I do not know how to get that without downloading the client software for the named PC and open the .exe with a program like 7Zip. The key is in one of the files, I forget which.

55415 must be open to allow communication from the client.
35623 is outbound UDP and must also be open for discovery.

The web interface is not necessary to set a client up. Just download the files from the web interface on the LAN, then transfer them to the client however you wish. IMHO, unless you absolutely need access to the web interface to be publicly available, leave it closed. As he mentioned this is for people who are not normally in the office, I would suggest only accessing it via LAN, unless you need to otherwise.

If you want people to be able to self-service on file restoration, it would also need to be open for the “Access/Restore Backups” functionality to work in the context menu. But it is not necessary, and may not be wanted. Users can find strange ways to mess things up if you give them the opportunity to do so.

Yes. Or it can be set to another port. This is the only port that needs to be open for them to be able to backup remotely.

No, it does not need to be open. Discovery should only be open to the local LAN. Otherwise, although highly unlikely, it would be possible for random clients to discover your backup server and backup to it.

You are right of course. I was forgetting that he had LAN access. Our application is Internet only, so I was assuming would need the web access.

Thanks myofficeanwhere and john3354. Thank you very much for your input, I wil try it out and let you guys know how it all went. Thanks once again