UrBackup compatible with Wasabi (S3 compatible endpoint)


I have gone through the documentation, but it’s not clear to me what I need (and if it’s even compatible) to use UrBackup to backup my servers (running websites) and store them directly into WASABI (an alternative to Amazon S3 just like minIO, Digital Ocean spaces etc…)

Can somebody please kindly point me to the correct documentation and what files I need to download or purchase?
I want to run my own backup service (with a clean web interface) to backup/restore my clients websites


Infscape UrBackup Appliance can backup to Wasabi (s3 compatible). I can’t recommend Wasabi, though. They have lost data of users multiple times already. Maybe they have it under control now? Idk.

Hello Uroni

OK, good to hear. Do you have any documentation or links to resources where this is documented?

I never have had any big issues with WASABI, for the past 2,5 years. A few times a slow down in the operations, but that’s it. I’m in EU location, maybe that makes a difference, I don’t know.

So far they are much much better, faster, stable and cheaper than Amazon AWS S3.
We use WASABI in many backup solutions, works flawless.

Follow https://www.infscape.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/Setting-up-a-local-Appliance-with-Amazon-S3-as-storage.pdf from page 8 except put in https://s3.eu-central-1.wasabisys.com as endpoint url instead of leaving it empty.

Hello Uroni,

Great! Thanks for the documentation.

But this is confusing… this points me to Infscape, not UrBackup?
Does this mean the open source UrBackup solution can not do this with WASABI?
Or is this just an alternative? Is that also self hosted or a cloud version hosted by Infscape?

Well, UrBackup stores to a file system like e.g. btrfs. If you want a Open Source solution you could cobble something together with e.g. S3Backer or s3ql. I have no experience with how well that works…

It is an old topic - but still relevant for me.

I have checked this with WASABI. They confirmed the problems from late 2019. But stated that these issues are resolved since the beginning of this year.

My question for now:
Does Urbackup Server (i.e. not the appliance) support this S3/WASABI approach? If yes, where and how to configure this?

Thank you - Will