UrBackup Client Setup Wizard


Is there a way to suppress the windows client from prompting the Setup wizard after installation? Right now clicking cancel is the only option I can find. The client is generated for internet backups.


See docs


So I have to use python and create an executable?


If you rename the installer file to UrBackupUpdate.exe it also won’t start the setup wizard.


Good to know, thanks. I am having a tough time trying to get cx_Freeze working on server 2016 and server 2012 R2. Installed VS C++ build but unable to install cx_Freeze with python 3.7
(from URL: https://www.scivision.dev/python-windows-visual-c-14-required/). Error Microsoft Visual C++ 14.0 is required. Get it with “Microsoft Visual C++ Build Tools”

This is such a bad way to do the client


You ca use https://installercreator.urbackup.org/ now. But why are you trying to do that??


We acquire companies and need a way to backup their data. They are not on our network yet so having one client that can be sent out for everyone to use would be best for us vs generating a client for each user at the acquired company.


Something like this already in UrBackup Admin WebGUi would be fantastic


One Question about the link, it shows Server URL (, now if I use the internal server name on the internal port, will this work as a internet client? Or do I just use instead?