Urbackup client service on windows 8 or 10 stops

I have a problem with my urbackup client service.
when the saves starts after a short time the services stops and i must start it manually and it stops again when the save starts.

everything works well for the computers that are not on windows 8 or 10.
can you help me?

Hey, not sure if this will fix your issue, but this is what I thought might be best to try.

*What Anti-Virus do you have installed on the PC? You might want to try to disable any Anti-Virus, Windows Defender, and Windows Firewall and then test. And do you have any other Windows 8 or 10 PCs that are having the same issue?

*You can try going to “System Properties” on the client PC, then going to “Settings…” under Startup and Recovery. Under System Failure, uncheck “Automatically Restart”.

Then, Go to Windows Services (services.msc), and open the properties for the Volume Shadow Service and the Urbackup Client Service. Ensure that it is set to startup Automatically, not Automatically delayed. And set it to restart under all failure conditions.

And if that doesn’t work you can try:
*Delete the “Server_idents.txt” file in the “Urbackup” folder in the “Program Files” folder.
*Stop the “Urbackup Client-end” Service.
*Wait 5 minutes.
*Start the “Urbackup Client-end” Service.
*Uninstall Urbackup.
*Wait 5 minutes.
*Install the Urbackup Client on the PC.
*Open the “Server_idents.txt” file in the “Urbackup” folder in the “Program Files” folder. Delete all the contents except the Server Identity, which should be the very first group of digits, followed by a question mark. Delete everything past the question mark. If the file is blank, input the Server Identity and save it (Server Identity is on the Web Administration Portal for Urbackup on the Status Page).