UrBackup Client Service 1.4.1 crashing in Windows Server 2003


The client version 1.4.1 is crashing in
Windows Server 2003
Standard Edition
Service Pack 1


2014-10-04 09:31:43: ERROR: Fatal exception (APPLICATION CRASHED). Crash dump written to “C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UrBackup\v0.25.1-20141004-093143-3716-644.dmp”

2014-10-04 09:36:55: ERROR: Fatal exception (APPLICATION CRASHED). Crash dump written to “C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\UrBackup\v0.25.1-20141004-093655-4092-2392.dmp”

and here’s the log in Windows Event Viewer

An unhandled win32 exception occurred in UrBackupClientBackend.exe [2392]. Just-In-Time debugging this exception failed with the following error: Debugger could not be started because no user is logged on.

Can you send the debug.log and the generated crash dump to martin@urbackup.org ?

Sir any update? I did send the debug.log and generated crash dump yesterday.

Yes thanks. It is crashing for a implausible reason, as far as I can see. Is this the only Windows Server 2003 instance where it is crashing?
I guess updating it is not possible (SP2)?

Sorry for the rush. Actually I tried to installed it in a fresh copy of windows server 2003 same OS and still not working so I will tried to update it.

I will update you soon.



I updated my server 2003 and no luck still crashing. I send a new debug.log and dump file.

Any updates and suggestion?

I changed something with the next version. But it probably will just fail the backup with a error message.

The client version 1.4.3 is working now.

Thank you Sir.