UrBackup Client & Server Version Update

Good Morning All,

How are you?

I’m having issue with Client and Server version upgrade.
At the moment I’m running on:
Client : 2.2.5
Server: 2.2.11

UrBackup Server settings:

That will by my first UrBackup update.

Please advice me what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks a lot.

Probably expecting the server and client versions to always be in sync.

Hi Bearded_Blunder

How are you?

That will be correct I just don’t know if proxy is blocking download or Server settings are not correct.
Proxy looks fine after testing. Full access etc.
All options looks fine but just having issue with getting newest version on it.

Any idea?


Download the newest from the homepage https://www.urbackup.org/ ??

I know it’s a manual process, but updating manually, especially the server might just fix it automagically.


Just to let you know I found the issue. Server Windows Antivirus service crash on Server Lock.
That create issue with installing and pushing Client update on UrBackup.
Backups was running as normal but didin’t do auto update.

Just on the middle of sorting that issue.
Will update you when finish.

Thanks a lot.