Urbackup client path list empty (none of the 4 lists is filled)

using client 2.5.21 on windows, latest server.
After installation I was able to add paths to the client.
backup (still) seems to work fine, however when I want to configure paths the list is empty on the client.
Even switching via the lower right symbol, no paths are shown on any page.

Is this a known issue?

Edit: seems like all my clients are affected by this (3 in my LAN). Formerly selected files are still backed up though.


… I checked the client database with an sqlite browser. Paths are present there, but they are not shown in the client view…
Any help would be appreciated

So I tried a bit around. Anytime I do save settings (general) on the server webpage, it empties the list of all my clients. Paths are still in client DB, but not shown anymore in the dialog. As soon as I select new path, all old ones (unshown) are removed from the client DB.

@uroni Am I missing something? Used urb before quite long and was not behaving like this - thanks!

Thank You @polynasia for the feedback.
The same problem here.