uRbackup client on Windows Server 2003


I am trying to install the client on win Server 2003, 32bit, but the installation of the new clients is failing.
The last version I can install is 1.4.9.
Please is this expected behaviour ?

Many thanks in advance,


What is the error ?
You can try installing 1.4.3.


the installation of 1.4.9 seems to be OK, so I was not trying to use older(1.4.3) version…
The installation of 2.X is aborted with an “informational” pop-up window:
“Sorry, installation on windows Server 2003 is not supported”…
Please anybody knows, why the Server 2003 is not supported as client in the new versions ?



Because the newer (2.X) Windows versions of uRbackup are built with Visual Studio 2015 and that doesn’t support compiling binaries for ancient unsupported (by Microsoft) Windows versions. That’d be my guess anyhow.