Urbackup client on Windows memory leak

Hi all,

I’ve been struggling with a problem for the last couple of days and at a loss. I have full image backups set up monthly and one of my Windows 10 machines started to experience a memory leak when the backup is triggered.

Debug log says the following:

insufficient quota to complete the requested service

which is in line with what I can see in resource monitor - memory is leaked until it gets to 100% (this machine has 16gig) and then random things happen including BSOD, funny noises if some media are being played, the backup can recover once or twice but very soon it just fails. I don’t recall any changes on the machine - except maybe bitdefender got some updates I had not been aware of, however, tried disabling it, tried adding exceptions but no avail. It seems that the leak is gone when I kill the frontend app and the backup still is running trough backend service.

Resource monitor does not show any specific process leaking memory. I spotted the issue on 2.5.23, updated to .24 but nothing changes.

Any suggestions? I found an old topic here pertaining to a linux client where the solution was to change some memory parameters but I cannot find them in Windows config. Also somebody else claimed adding exceptions to defender helped, however, as indicated above not using defender.

Edit: just notices that when I kill the GUI app the backup continues and slowly memory is reclaimed, so for some reason the client does massive paging with no limits. No idea why it does on this client specifically, but need some guidance whether there is any way to limit paging.