Urbackup Client on Dietpi (RPi)

Hi, Just installed Server/Client in my LAN.
I have a RPi that has a Server installed. Windows laptop Client installed. Everything work fine.
I have installed a Client on the same RPi that has the Server to back up a whole directory run. However i can not get it worked.
On Setting/General/File Backups/Default Directories to Backup i have entered /mnt/NC to backup. i have entered the same in Client/File Settings /mnt/NC. I does not work. For installation i have followed the information provided in website. Are my entries has a syntax error?
Thank you

Try removing the path from the general tab and only set the directories on the specific client in the server gui. Your windows client doesn’t have a /mnt/NC directory.

It’s also hard to know if it’s wrong without knowing you actually have something mounted on /mnt/NC on your linux machine.

What does the logs say if you try to start a backup?

Thank you for your reply.
Yes there is a raid1 volume mounted as 2 USB stick