Urbackup client installation on Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, OpenSuse, debian) cia CLI

Hy Guys,

Please provide full procedure of installation of urbackup client on Linux via CLI.
I have installed client but not able to configure urbackup server IP and path.

Kindly reply ASAP. it’s urgent.

Thanks in advance

Anyone have any idea of about above topic, please share your experiences guys.

Have you checked the manual? https://www.urbackup.org/administration_manual.html#x1-140002.2.3

Also check out urbackupclientctl --help

Yeap file backup is working proper but problem occur for image backup. Is any way to take image backup of Linux based machine or freeBSD based system.

That’s not what your original question was. What have you done/tried so far? What error are you getting?

This problem i am facing.

Try searching the forum first. Also your picture doesn’t explain anything.

To answer your question, you need client 2.5.x to do image backups on linux. Otherwise it’s only currently supported on Windows.

But client 2.5.x is not available at the website of urbackup official website. If you will provide any reference that will be helpful for me.

please mention URL for urbackup client 2.5.x


Have you actually read what I said and have you looked at the links I have provided?

Thanks for providing link.

But it is not working properly.

Not installing latest version of server and client both at Linux.