Urbackup client configuration lost (find last server it connected to)

Hello everyone
Long ago I had setup URBackup client on Windows 10 and then forgot about it.
Now that I’ve lost some files, I remembered I had URBackup installed BUT I discovered it has not been backing up since some month (not an huge issue) but above all, I can’t find where it was backing up to (ie: which server, to which location)
I have opened C:\Program Files\UrBackup\urbackup\data\settings.cfg but found no significant info there.
The log files do list the files being backed up, but It seems to me they’re not listing where.
The client icon is red, and not showing connection to any server.
Is there some other location (file,registry key,other?) that could give me an hint of where it was backing up to?
Where else could I check to find this information?
Thanks everyone!

Looking at "C:\Program Files\UrBackup\session_idents.txt" session idents should show the IP of the server.

Thanks @uroni !
found the server and the backups!
I have a full vhdz there. I have read

so basically, the only way to mount a vhdz is thu urbackup cmdline to decompress and mount it, right? (as there is not a working instance of URBackup Server anymore there)