Urbackup client CentOS 7 "not supported"

Killing myself here I have tried just about everything I could find here and regardless while urbackup server is eager to backup Windows machines, I cannot get the client to work on CentOS 7. It is a web server and is the main system I wanted backed up anyway.

Can anyone finalize on a way to install urbackup as a client on CentOS 7 please? Thank you in advance.

Let me add that on the server it simply says “Not Supported” and responds to nothing.


Hi Douglas,

I’m using urbackup client on CentOS 7 machines without problems.

To install is done by the standard procedure: download client script (https://hndl.urbackup.org/Client/2.1.15/UrBackup%20Client%20Linux%202.1.15.sh) , install, open tcp/udp ports and add the client to server.

Best regards.

Thank you for commenting. Are your CentOS machines running desktops or are they headless servers like I have here?

I will give your links “a go” at it. I think I tried all of the methods posted, but - one never knows.

I would be ecstatic if you could show me how to have a different outcome. The best I get using any technique is this “Not Supported” The ones working are Windows Clients…

BTW, UrServer (server) is running on Windows Server 2012 R2.


It’s a server but I’m not making image backup. I’m making file backup.

As you can read in Features section (ttps://www.urbackup.org/features.htmlh) is a know limitation:

Image backups only work with NTFS formated volumes and with the Windows client. The drives must be MBR or GPT partitioned, the partition must be a primary one. Dynamic volumes are not supported. Mirrored dynamic volumes work, but are not officially supported. Backup to VHD files only works for volumes with a size of less than 2TB.

Thanks for the reference. This refuses to run a file backup as well - making UrBackup (sadly) of no use to me at all. Give me a year and I will have Bacula working … Too bad UrBackup cannot be an end to end solution for both windows and Linux client systems. Probably better off scripting my backups at this point. Anyway, thanks.

Yeah, UrBackup doesn’t support images on Linux. You can do snapshots with dattobd to do a copy of the whole machine with dd or something similar.


Image backup is “very” difficult to get right on linux :
You will probably realise this at each of theses steps :
when you ll try to script it,
read the docs,
realise you need to redo your fs layout
put it in production
have your first corrupt restores.

I doubt you will accomplish a lot more by scripting than what urbackup can already do.

You can not dd a live linux system, this never worked , and same for the dump fs comand, it never ever worked.

@orogor, doesn’t snapshot solve this? It’s no longer live, is it?

Yes it does if you create a RO snapshot. It also mean you planned a bit by using for example lvm and left some free room in the vg to make the snapshots.

In that case from a functional point of view urbackup would not be very different from homemade backup scripts as it can already backup lvm at the file level via scripts. It would only be a matter of what you get at the block level that you wouldn’t get at the file level.
There s a feature requests posted by uroni for linux image backup with cbt and lvm is being the most popular requested feature (if lvm backup end up supporting cbt, then it will probably way better than a custom script).

At this point i would abstain myself for writing scripts and just try to help upstream if i really wanted the feature that bad.

Thank you all for the narrative, but there are how many data centers running how many Linux systems on this planet now?

Yes I did set up with LVM. Unsure if there is enough space… I have been doing sector level backups for years now on RHEL and CentOS with not a single failure. My work load is increasing and I was looking for a way of automating things in a friendly application rather than how I do them now - and walking off while something like what I am using sort of feels like leaving the dryer on when you leave the house - will it catch fire???

Anyhow thanks. There are other ways and other products, I just liked the UrBackup system and it seems to be inhabited by other really knowledgeable folks which is always a plus when you get in a jam and don’t know how you got there. I might add comparatively sector by sector copying/backup takes forever, that is the primary reason to want to change how I do things.

Valid points…