Urbackup client and server installs in the same directory if compiling

I am currently in the phase of running a test on a rpi4b8gb with manjaro-arm.

I can not install from AUR. guessing it doesnt support arm or its some manjaro/aur dependency thing, idk, but compiling from source works.

Installation of binary client (I will run both on the scb, just like I do on raspberry pi os) works BUT there is a difference in the installation directories, ie. On the manjaro arm version, they both gets installed in the same directory (/usr/local/var/urbackup) unless specified when using ./configure (I guess, I havent actually tried it, I just realized this happens).

Would be great if it could be changed to at least different directories (like urbackupsrv and urbackupclient) and if the server could go to /srv/ or like on the raspberry at least different directories.

Not a huge issue, but you know, its nice to not have the client and the server in the same directory.

To expand on this.

I tried installing to /usr instead of /usr/local (that is what you set as install) with ./configure

sudo make install is trying to use adduser that does not exist on my system (only useradd), but that is less of a problem, I can create the urbackup user, home and group before the installation.
Urbackup accepts this user/group.

If I set the --prefix to /usr, the binary urbackupsrv does NOT get installed, only the snapshot_helper and the mount_helper, the binary for the server is nowhere to be found.
sudo make install gives no errors and promts it’s installing the binaries to /usr/bin

If I set --bindir to /usr/local/bin AND --prefix to /usr it works by installing the binary in /usr/local/bin and it SEEMS to install the settings to /usr/var/urbackup. I haven’t done much testing if the server actually works, but it did before, so I see no reason it should not.

If I do NOT do this, both the client and the server will share /usr/local/var/urbackup!!!
So PLEASE make different directories at install. AFAIK I can not change that easily.
IMO best would be if the server gets installed to /usr/local/var/urbackupsrv and the client to /usr/local/var/urbackupclient

I will do some more testing but this is a mess imho.