UrBackup backup server disaster recovery

  1. How to recover the data in case my UrBackup server goes down ?

  2. How to recover my UrBackup server database. In case my server crashes and i do a fresh install of UrBackup server and i want all my previous server configuration.

How to go about above two scenarios ?

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You can backup your database files from C:\Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup. All you will need to do on the new server is just copy those files back into their correct spot.

Have a backup of the backup.
If your web-interface goes down you can still go to the machine itself and pull the files out of the directory no problem. I prefer doing it that way.

However, if you have a hard-disk crash… then you probably needed to plan something before it happened. I think some people may have just moved the files off, but UrBackup does almost a 3:1 compression ratio. Had almost 26TB in about 8-9ish TB Spanned Drive. Alternatively, you could just backup your backup server, or I think some people may have even found a way to back up a machine to two servers (don’t quote me).

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The UrBackup server can make a backup of it’s own databases onto your backup volume, check the option “Automatically backup UrBackup database” in your Server settings.

Your backup volume can subsequently be snapshotted and shuttled over to another server (and another, and another, however many you want) if you use a filesystem like ZFS. Or you could do an rsync or whatever other mechanism you want to use to backup your backup volume.

For file based backups, the data is readily readable as a regular file structure, even if you don’t (want to) use UrBackup for restores, you can read it with a regular file browser. For image based backups, it seems to be stored in a format that is readable by non-UrBackup imaging programs (there is a LiveCD for example) and thus you could mount it or restore it.

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I dont see the option “automatically backup UrBackup database”, i am using UrBackup server 1.4.14 for CentOS 6.6.

Yes, the option “automatically backup UrBackup database” is available.

What will be the pr-requisite to perform Disaster recovery ?

Once my production server is down, i need to bring up my new server with same IP and HostName and later copy the urbackup database to same path i.e., /var/urbackup and my storage repo should also be in same path.

Correct me if i am wrong ?


IP and hostname doesn’t matter since server has its ident file somewhere and that’s whats important. So you just need to restore server config.


See my urbackup server is crashed and i had replicated my urbackup
storage repository to another server and now i want to restore my
clients image backup.

Restored my urbackup database to the same path in /var/urbackup on the
new server and my storage path is different on this server. I have
update storage repository path in urbackup webgui.

When i try to perform image restoration using image cd, i get the error
no clients found.


  1. HOSTNAME and IP address of my crashed server and new server are
  2. Have restored urbackup database to same path in new server i.e.,
  3. My urbackup storage repository on the new server is different from
    the old server, have updated the same in urbackup webgui on the new server.

Does the webGUI see the backups you imported?

After performing database repair and recreate database, i am able to list the file system backed data and perform the restoration from webgui.

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i am able to restore file system data but when i try to do image restoration, i get the error no backup image found.
I had copied my storage repository from old server to new server using rsync and i can see my image backup data in the storage repository and i am able to mount the VHD image also, but not able to perform image restoration using live cd.


thank you to you sharing knowledge with us, i was looking for this topic from some time now.

as you said in [quote=“Guru_Evi, post:3, topic:2405”]
Your backup volume can subsequently be snapshotted and shuttled over to another server (and another, and another, however many you want) if you use a filesystem like ZFS. Or you could do an rsync or whatever other mechanism you want to use to backup your backup volume.

is there any method to backup urbackup volume in same size.

For example my URBACKUP Volume is 10GB is there any way i can backup same size in anther Drive (external drive) or in anther location (network) 10GB. like backing up the backup drive with same size.

i did try many 3rd party software but all are crap. :confused:

if some one can please point me into right direction.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Take a look at this http://doc.freenas.org/11/storage.html#replication-tasks
I highly recommend the semi-automatic setup mode. It makes life a LOT simpler.

Good luck.

thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us, you right it makes life much easier and i got chance to learn more about FREENAS it’s awesome.

but as i’m using windows as my URBACKUP Server and backup Drive is in the server and i would like to take one backup of that backup drive (off site) to be in safe side, better to have 2 copies of data.
if you can direct me into right direction …?

Many thanks

What if you install URBACKUP server on the off site computer and then install the client onto the Windows Server…?
You can use URBACKUP to backup URBACKUP onto a second machine… I see no reason why this would not work.

Hi, yea that did work but not very well.

because of data size it was taking ages to index and later it just failed.

Having one internet and one local backup server (i believe 2 internet server is still bugged in stable)?
You can rent a small server at online for 15€/month and then use it for other stuff as well (teamspeak or website or vpn).
Then you configure your client to backups to the 2 different servers maybe backup 1/2 day on each server.

recover UrB - install new UrB and restore database and path to backups.
recover data - just mount disk of failed UrB and copy them

recover some machines from img on failed UrB without recover failed instance -

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Can someone explain me how restore DB from /var/urbackup on new server? I planning upgrade (change HW and linux distro)
ls -lh /var/urbackup/
-rw-r–r-- 1 urbackup urbackup 50M апр 27 12:15 backup_server.db
-rw-r–r-- 1 urbackup urbackup 192K апр 28 11:05 backup_server.db-shm
-rw-r–r-- 1 urbackup urbackup 82M апр 28 11:05 backup_server.db-wal
We have 3 strange files. Where mysql dump?

All configs urbackup placed in /var/urbackup? Is it possible to view or edit configs directly?

Where placed workind DB of urbackup? pgSQL not installed, i remember i used mysql.
MariaDB [(none)]> SHOW databases;
| Database |
| ccio |
| information_schema |
| mysql |
| performance_schema |

ls /var/lib/mysql
aria_log.00000001 aria_log_control ccio debian-10.0.flag ibdata1 ib_logfile0 ib_logfile1 multi-master.info mysql mysql_upgrade_info performance_schema