Urbackup Backup need to take in Network Storage in Linux Server

Hiii.I have installed the urbackup server in linux server.And mounted the network ddrive by cifs mode.And installed the urbackup client in internet mode in windows.And it’s well discovered.But while i initiate the backup it’s showing some error.

2018-06-16 06:47:43: ERROR: Error creating file for writing MBR data. Permission denied (code: 13)
2018-06-16 06:47:43: ERROR: Backing up System Reserved (SYSVOL) partition failed. Image backup failed
2018-06-16 06:47:43: ERROR: Backup failed

Please suggest me on this.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Arun_Be,

As far as I’m aware, you can’t use CIFS as a backup storage. UrBackup Server needs to set specific rights and needs to create symlinks on the storage medium. I though that CIFS wasn’t compatible with Symlinks.

Do you have a error on the UrBackup server’s status page? Something about error setting permissions or creating files? You could try to change the rights in your CIFS storage for the user/group urbackup using chmod, that could solve a permission denied error.

That’s why I’m using iSCSI for my remote storages instead of CIFS, given the symlinks problem.

Yaa.I am getting the error in the urbackup interface like some permission error.And i am not able to change the permission of storage also.

How can i mount by iscsi method i.e i need to create the LUN or we can mount like the share with username and password in iscsi method.

Hi Arun,

It depends a little on your storage solution, you have to create a iSCSI target with a LUN (the storage itself), secure it using CHAP or something of your choosing.

Then in the UrBackup server you’ll have to use software that can act as a iSCSI initiator, to initiate the connection to your iSCSI target, connect to it, authenticate using CHAP or the like and make sure it’s auto connected when the server boots. Then if it’s connected you’ll have to configure the storage like a normal disk, format it to your preferred filesystem, and then mount it to to your filesystem itself, such as to /Backups

Then you can use chmod to configure the rights on the moutpoint (like /Backups) and configure UrBackup Server to use this location for backups.

That’s a very basic explanation, it all depends on what you use. I’m using mainly Qnap’s for the backup storage, the Web gui allows for simple iSCSI target and LUN creation. Then i’m mounting it in my CentOS 7 UrBackup machines using the iscsi-initiator-utils tools (iscsiadm) to discover, connect and login to the target. Then it’s connected as /dev/sda in my case, I then encrypt the storage using LUKS using a randomly generated keyfile (which is stored on a encypted LUKS volume as well :)). On server startup I first allow the server to connect to iSCSI, then using a script I connect and decrypt the LUKS volume, mount it as /Backups and then start my UrBackup-Server. You don’t need to encrypt the storage to make this work, but since UrBackup doesn’t encrypt the backups, i’d advise you to think about securing the backups in another way, such as storing it on a secured iSCSI volume.