Urbackup automation


I am trying to figure out if its possible to automate certain tasks like test restore of randomfiles?
Also, the documentation says its not possible for users to restore larger files then 4GB, but some of the files we have to backup are up to 8GB, how would that work? or would they simply fail?

First of all, if you deploy it to your users - never let them manage backups. It makes a complete mess

I just restored 13GB file, it restored fine.

Are you reading 2022+ year manual/documentation?
Or 2017 one?

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I’m very sorry for this late response :frowning: I got sidetracked with family stuff.

I am reading the online documentation :slight_smile: But in the meantime ive backed up some big files, so i think the error was me reading the documentation wrong :slight_smile:

There is a limit on how big a single file you can “download” (it creates a compressed file for you) but restoring directly back to the client has no size limit on anything afaik.

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