URBackup Attempts to Create EFI Partition When Backing Up an MBR Drive

URBackup server: HP Proliant DL370 running Ubuntu 16.10 32G RAM 3.5TB HDD (RAID) with URBackup Server v2.0.3.1544

Client: Dell PowerEdge R510 running Windows Server 2012 with URBackup Client v 2.0.30

The client is a legacy MBR device and when attempting to create a full image backup, the server “Show Log” in “Activities” reports that it is backing up the EFI partition.

The image backup completes successfully, however. (I cancelled the one in the log below, but had a full complete earlier in the week)

When attempting a restore, it fails because it is unable to create a GPT partition.

I don’t have log files from the restore attempt, nor from the client during the backup of the “EFI” partition, but the server log reports:

2016-08-09 05:19:55: ERROR: Getting MBR for drive ESP failed
2016-08-09 05:19:55: ERROR: Timeout: Getting MBR for drive ESP failed
2016-08-09 06:28:06: ERROR: Server admin stopped backup.
2016-08-09 06:28:08: ERROR: Backup failed

How do I tell the client and/or server to disregard any EFI options and stick with MBR? How do I create better information for you from this server and/or client?

Thanks in advance,


It seems in your case it had a timeout before the client can respond that it does not have a EFI System Partition.

Thanks for the swift response!

Is there a way to extend that timeout?