Urbackup a Windows 2003 Server



need to backup a old Windows 2003 Server. I have installed the UrBackup Client 1.4.11.
My Urbbackup Server is using Version 2.1.19.

The problem is, that Urbackclient 1.4.11 can not find Urback Server 2.1.19.
There is no client Firewall active on Windows 2003 Server.

best regards, Thorsten


I force on the UrBAckup server clients list to add a new client by typing the Windows Server 2003’s IP.
Try it


Still an old thread but I still have an old 2003 server, it is not clear to me if it should be able to run with client 1.4.11 using server version 2.2.x?
Any comments or experience?
Kind rgds


If it wasn’t clear server 2003 is the backup client and the urbackupserver is running ubuntu with 2.2.11.


I still have a Windows XP system in one office for a specific task. UrBackup current server (2.2+) handles the client on 1.4 very well. I expect the same would work with your Server 2003.


Thank you for input I will give it a try and post the result.