URBackup 2.5.26 Debian 10 Image Backup Failure w/ Multiple Volumes and dattobd Version 0.10.15

We ran into a situation where attempting to do an image backup of a Debian 10 server with dattobd version 0.10.15 and URBackup 2.2.26 failed. It presents similar to the description in this forum post:

We found in this case that the dattobd kernel driver was not creating /dev/dattoX files and therefore the script was failing at the same point as in the post above:

 while [ -e "/dev/datto$NUM" ] && has_num $NUM
        NUM=`expr $NUM + 1`

There is, however, a JSON formatted file present (/proc/datto-info) that shows all the configured datto devices. Therefore I wrote this modification:

  1. In the ‘scripts’ subdirectory, a file named ‘find_dattobd_minor.py’

import json

info = json.load(open('/proc/datto-info','r'))
devices = info['devices']
minor_list = []
for item in devices:

  1. A modification to the ‘dattobd_create_snapshot’ shell script. First is to change the script from #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash and second is this modification that replaces line 58-61:

#while [ -e "/dev/datto$NUM" ] && has_num $NUM
while [[ "${DATTO_INDEX[*]}" =~ "${NUM}" ]] &&  has_num $NUM
        NUM=`expr $NUM + 1`

Possibly this can be incorporated into a release where the script tests for the presence of a /dev/dattoX directory and if not present but a /proc/datto-info file exists it uses this method. That way both varieties are covered.

Eric Kreckel
CTO Westelcom

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