UrBackup 2.4.13 migration from freebsd to linux


I’ve tried to migrate UrBackup from freebsd to linux. Unfortunetly without success.
I copy the var/urbackup catalog to the new machine, install urbackup (same version as original). The service starts successful, there are no errors in log until i want to access web portal. Than it fails… Someone had such expirence?

The error is similar to: "/usr/share/urbackup/www/,0̨̩+/5/ but different ending path.

Have you checked the logs in /var/log/urbackup.log?

Where did you get that strange numbers in the error? “/usr/share/urbackup/www/,0̨̩+/5/”

Exacly in the log You mentioned, i think after enabling debug mode…

Try looking into the folder. See if there are special characters in there.

Also, check the config file for urbackup. It might have corrupted config file.

There are no special chars, it seams that DB is different for BSD… ? or linking at least…