Urbackup 2.3.8 failing Image Backups

HI all,

I’m struggling with a couple of clients added to my URBackup server.

Both are Server 2012 R2 servers.

If I try to do a Full Image Backup the following is the error that I receive:

Starting unscheduled full image backup of volume “E:”…
Basing image backup on last incremental or full image backup
Error retrieving last image backup. Doing full image backup instead.
Could not read MBR. Error message: Did not find PartitionNumber of dynamic volume. Volume: ‘E:’
Cannot retrieve master boot record (MBR) for the disk from the client. Continuing backup but you will not be able to restore this image backup via restore CD.
Client disconnected and image is not persistent (Timeout: false).
Transferred 781 bytes - Average speed: 0 Bit/s
Time taken for backing up client USM_DB01: 15m 3s
Backup failed

The backup fails completely.

I’m running Server version 2.3.8 and Client version 2.3.4

Any ideas on what could be the cause?

Thanks in advance