UrBackup 2.3.7 and Pulseway API script


Hello all, i’m testing Pulseway API script to integrate URbackup in Pulseway RMM.
It works but not perfectly.
Notifications for missed backup works but the flag to receive notification when Urbackup is offline does not.
The flag to enable or disable offline notification makes no difference.


Thanks for the heads up. I think I found the issue. Will be fixed with the next server version.


Fantastic :slight_smile:

So i would like to report you another bug i found but, due to i use UrBackup only on QNAP NAS it should be a bug only on QNAP distro by Stephan.

The connection to Pulseway only works on QNAP with AnnaPurna CPU like TS-231P and TS-431P. It does not works on Intel CPU like TS-251+ and TS-451+

Thank you for your great Job.
Urbackup is Magic and the integration with Pulseway is a big deal for us!!! :slight_smile:

We are MSP and the only feature left for us is a central console to manage all our customers UrBackup installation, then it would be perfect :slight_smile: