Urbackup 2.1.19 server question


I installed UrBackup 2.1.19 server on Ubuntu 16 LTS and installed client on other Ubuntu system. I have installed dattobd at given instruction here https://github.com/datto/dattobd/blob/master/INSTALL.md for snapshot management.Once client is installed it taken file backup.

Before doing more test i want to do some clear facts.

  1. is urbackup supports full image backup of linux using dattobd ?
  2. how to restore file backup in linux ? I tried LiveCD but it never gets connected to server for backup restore.


Before proceeding, keep in mind my experience is only with headless servers (no GUI).

  1. Dattobd is not for image backups, it’s created to skip LVM/other types of snapshots so it has to be file backup, difference is with LVM you need a separate Logical Volume for snapshots - dattobd allows you to do backups on the same Volume if you have the space for it.

  2. File restore is accessed either through CLI, application (the trey icon one), by pushing files from Backup server (need to configure stuff on headless client first) or by downloading backup files from server and then uploading them to machine you want to restore.

Live CD is dedicated to image restores.


So urbackup does not support image backup for linux ?

Not natively, no. You could do a dd from snapshot to some network drive, maybe compress it along the way. Not sure whether it would go to pre or postscript.

Thanks for clarification