Urbackup 2.0.36 client backups are not running (Error: signature error verification failed )


Server: 2.0.38
Clients: 1.4.11 and 2.0.36

The backups are not running with client 2.0.36 versions only.
From client debug log I getting an error like Error: signature error verification failed.
Can anyone help me to solve this issue.?


Hi all,

Can anyone help me to find the solution for this?


@uroni Sorry for mention your name directly. I don’t have any other option.Will you help me to solve this issue?
I tried upgradation of urbackup server and clients no improvement still same error persists.

Finally, I got the solution for this issue. My all 2.0.36 clients backup are running fine without any issues now. The issue due to my urbackup server server_ident_ecdsa409k1.* got changed somehow.

I have restored the files server_ident_ecdsa409k1.* from my old urbackup database backup.