Urbackup 2.0.31 linux image backup

I understand that the latest versions can back up the image of a linux client with LVM.
but how do I configure it? What I put in the volume settings? “/” Or “/ dev / sda /” or something?

See this thread: Ubuntu UrBackup client and ext4 with dattobd?

Could you tell us where you got the idea that it can backup images on Linux? Maybe something needs to be reformulated.


in fact I did think the same.
I find nowhere in the manual that image-backups are not supported under Linux.
Also urbackupclientctl implies that it works:

    urbackupclientctl start
            Start an incremental/full image/file backup

and further:

-i, --incremental
(OR required) Start incremental backup
– OR –
-f, --full
(OR required) Start full backup

-l, --file
(OR required) Start file backup
– OR –
-m, --image
(OR required) Start image backup


Thanks for the heads up, and sorry about the confusion. Will be removed on Linux/Mac.

No worries. Thank you.
Also I did not find anyting in the Documentation, by the way.

Do you plan support for images in linux in the future?


The problem isn’t so much the backup, but the restore. You can see it here with someone using btrfs on top of bcache on top of LVM on top of mdraid. All that has to be configured and arranged correctly during restore, such that it works again.

Hm. If I have a DD Image, I Just DD it back. No configuration needed, No?

That would be already possible. Make sure you store the backups on btrfs on the server, though.

Create file /etc/urbackup/scripts/list with content:

echo "scriptname=image&outputname=image.img&size=<SIZE OF DISK IN BYTES>"

Then create /etc/urbackup/scripts/image, in which you lvm snapshot the disk, cat the disk to stdout and at the end remove the lvm snapshot.

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